Sensitising Govt. Departments

Sensitising Govt. Departments

The arrival of ‘Gram Gadar’ in various rural areas and the questions raised under the ‘Nigrani’ section has led to an increased activity in the working of the Government departments. Where mere announcements of various schemes were made, now the bureaucrats are busy in implementing them. Readers believe that this would help in removing the inertia of the Government departments and undertakings. Certainly, this would activate the local Government officials and workers and help curb corruption and carelessness.

In the 20 years of the publication of ‘Gram Gadar’, due to the support and suggestions from rural villagers and voluntary organisations, the wall-newspaper has been successful in bringing up the grassroot problems, suggestions, government plans, legal facts and presenting them and the voice of the rural folk in an easily understandable and common form. Thousands of letters received from the readers prove that it has established itself as a newspaper with a rural background. CUTS is committed to publish ‘Gram Gadar’ regularly.

JUNE 1995
Read Gram Gadar. Felt as if the King of Rajasthan has taken birth, by taking responsibility of providing justice to the poor. When I read this out to my old mother, she said, “Such angels are sent from the heaven for the sake of poor”.

Bhanwar Singh
Bhagwanpura, Masuda, Ajmer

Information related to consumer welfare in Gram Gadar is enlightening. In the legal information provided, the news related to dowry and women is liked by the villagers. The wall-newspaper is enlightening rural people by providing a lot of information. People read this with great interest.

S.K. Yadav
Satrana, Sriganganagar