Insight Into Indian States (I3S)

Background and Rationale

Various studies increasingly point to the fact that some Indian states are able to achieve better public policy outcomes manifested through increased levels of economic growth and governance while others continue to languish at substantially lower levels. The Twelfth Five Year Plan expressed concerns about public expenditure outcomes. Therefore, it recommends urgent need for reforming the implementation processes, on one hand, and provides additional provisions for encouraging innovation, good practices and creating inter-state synergies to improve quality of outcomes, on the other. However there is no platform, where the States can engage and learn from each other on issues of common interest. Documenting successful and not so successful practices across States in India has been undertaken sporadically. For more, please visit the I3S web portal

About the Project and Objectives

The ‘Insight into Indian States’ (I3S) is a new initiative of CUTS International in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), New Delhi. The main feature of the project is a coherent, user friendly, sustainable and interactive web portal, which would depict successful and not so successful practices on governance in the selected four States (Assam, Odessa, Rajasthan and Karnataka) of India starting from October 01, 2013.
Project Brief
Project Brocure

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased incidents of adoption of the good practices by States
  • Enhanced public availability of good and not so good practices and its processes
  • Increased civic review of successful and unsuccessful practices
  • Increased demand of innovating good practices for adoption and replication
  • Strengthened network of practitioners
Project States