Good Governance

Governance is one of the programmatic areas of Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS), which has realized major successful interventions. Starting its endeavours from state of Rajasthan in India, the organization moved to the regional level at south Asia and now it is widely recognized as a resource organization at the global level for its capacity of producing consistent results in the area of enhancing transparency and accountability, expertise in imparting skills to use social accountability approaches and strengthening the practices of social accountability. Various endeavours of CUTS are helping the region in accelerating the speed of such work to improve development outcomes.

The global initiative for governments, donors and civil society organizations (CSOs) facilitated by The World Bank called ‘Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA)’ has recognized CUTS for its work and made it the global partner of GPSA.

CUTS has also been included in the roaster of experts

The current phase of CUTS’ interventions is distinguished for variety of use of social accountability (SAc) approaches at all levels of governance through enhancing voice power of citizens to engage them for obtaining better services, rights and entitlements as well as for improving transparency, combating corruption and improving service delivery through building capacity of people for utilizing access to information (ATI).

Undertaking its responsibility of spreading the knowledge created and lessons learnt from steady use of SAc approaches and ATI, CUTS is now prominently playing the role of mentor among the countries of south Asia, East Asia and Africa. It is anchoring the regional community of practice (CoP) on social accountability (Accountability Solutions) for south Asia and building capacity of representatives of government and civil society organizations mainly from the south Asian countries.

CUTS International is having affiliations with a number of networks operational at the national and international level

  • South Asia Social Accountability Network (SASANet)
  • International Resource team on SAc of the World Bank Institute (WBI)
  • Communication for Governance and Accountability Program (CommGAP)
  • Demand for Good Governance (DFGG) Learning Network
  • Affiliated Network on Social Accountability – South Asia Region (ANSA-SAR)
  • Affiliated Network on Social Accountability – Arab World (ANSA-AW)
  • Freedom of Information Advocates Network (FOIANET)

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