Consumer Support Centre (Grahak Sahayta Kendra)


Grahak Sahayta Kendra (GSK) is a ONE STOP CENTER catering to a spectrum of services for consumer welfare. It has local language, English & Hindi service. It has trained personnel, experienced in counselling, drafting complaints and providing information, who can extend a host of services like information dissemination, counselling, grievance redress, mediation, class action, product testing, capacity building and training and mobilising popular support to the consumer movement.

Grahak Sahayta Kendra also has an interface to access Government of India’s Grievances Against Misleading Advertisements (GAMA) for lodging the grievances of consumers ( Any citizen can lodge his/her grievances against Misleading Advertisements by clicking the link.

Services available at Grahak Sahayta Kendra:

  • Advice on consumer protection related issues and complaints
  • Publication of books, pamphlets, magazines and other materials on consumer related issues;
  • Handling consumer complaints through counselling and conciliation for quick and easy redressal.

If you have a consumer complaint and need services from CUTS, provide following details:

1. Subject
2. The nature of your problem (mention briefly with date, name etc. in sequence)
3. Relief required (What do you want)
4. Scan/Copy of the Bill, Voucher etc. as proof
5. Complete Coordinates of the person/agency against whom you have to file a complaint
6. Consumer Complaint Number, if you have already filed a complaint
7. What action you have taken so far and result thereof
8. Name, Address and contacts of complainant

Online Submission of Consumer Complaints
Or You Can Post Your Complaint via by filling the complaint forms in either language as under:
Hindi / English


Complaints and Advisories Under GSK



Outreach under GSK

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Contact Us:

Grahak Sahayta Kendra (GSK)
Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS)
D-218 A, Bhaskar Marg, Bani Park
Jaipur – 302016
Tel: 0141-4015395

The Erstwhile Complaints Handling, Information and Advisory Services (CHIAS)