Giving the poorest consumers greater voice in India

Project Overview

Environmental factors disproportionately affect the health and wellbeing of low income families and children. The production and consumption of household goods plays a role in this. The situation is exacerbated by lack of access to information, and support for families to make informed choices, restricted choice due to limited income and other factors, and the market prevalence of poor quality, unsafe and environmentally unsound household products and services.

Consumers International’s project “Giving the poorest consumers greater voice in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia” aims to promote use of safer and sustainable products among low income consumers, and, in turn, improve their health and wellbeing. Working with member organizations in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia, the project seeks to develop a scalable model to understand consumer behaviour, facilitate product testing, advocate for business and policy change, and empower low income consumers to assert their rights in the marketplace. In the long run, the project’s goal is to promote healthy homes for children and their families.

The project plans to develop and implement behaviour change communication (BCC) activities to promote shift among the target group consumers towards buying and using products that are safe for them and their environment