RTI Information & Advisory Service

Right to Information Act, 2005 came in to effect on October 12, 2005 in India except Jammu & Kashmir. It is one of the most progressive laws passed after independence of India which empowers the common citizenry immensely and elevates his/her status equal to Member of Parliaments (MPs) and MLAs. This Act proved as a powerful weapon against all forms of corruption if used strategically and ensures the transparency and accountability in the service delivery mechanisms. This act overrides all the existing acts which are contrary to its true spirit. For the well-being of the democracy, it is prerequisite to spread the awareness about this act and inculcating the habit of its usages among the common masses including the poor and marginalized sections of the society.

‘RTI Advisory and Information Cell (RAIC)’ is one of the initiatives taken up by the ‘CUTS Centre for Consumer Action, Research and Training (CUTS CART)’ to spread the message that RTI is a potential tool to ensure transparency, accountability and good governance. This cell acts as a referral point for all relevant information relating to RTI in the State and aims to educate the common citizenries to understand about various provisions of the Act, costs and Fees, where and how to file a RTI request and about appeal processes and use this Act to derive its benefits to the fullest extent. It will also provide an expert advice to the common masses for the usage of RTI Act as a preventive tool against corruption and for asserting their rights and entitlements.

This RAIC has been initiated as an activity under “Citizens-Up” project to reach out to the MGNREGS entitlement holders and others to guide them for asserting their rights and entitlements under the schemes and other common masses as well about usages of RTI.

Services available at the Cell are:

Advice the MGNREGS entitlement holders and other on the provisions and application filing process under RTI Act,2005

Awareness generation about the MGNREGS entitlement meant for job card holders and common citizenries of India.

Forwarding the complaints, suggestions related to MGNREGS when received from the applications or entitlement holders to the concerned departments

Contact Information:

RTI Advisory and Information Cell (RAIC)

CUTS Centre for Consumer Action, Research & Training (CUTS CART)

D-218, Bhaskar Marg, Bani Park
Jaipur 302 016, India
Tel: +91 141 228 2823/228 2482, 513 3259
Fax: +91 141 401 5395
Email: cart@cuts.org; mss@cuts.org;
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