Youth unwilling to take responsibility to save environment

The Times of India, June 05, 2009About 85% of urban educated youth shrug off any responsibility of saving the environment even though 90% of them believe that small efforts at individual level could go a long way in protecting the planet.

The stark reality was exposed in a survey conducted on the eve of the World Environment Day(WED) by CUTS-Centre for Consumer Action Research and Training, a Jaipur-based consumer advocacy group. The survey was conducted among people within the age group of 18-25, with a girls to boys ratio of 44:56, to assess the awareness level of the youth about environment and protection.

The findings have raised several questions about the numerous efforts being made to protect the environment. Nearly 90% of the youth of Jaipur believe that among all human activities, excessive use of motor vehicles is primarily responsible for destroying the environment. They also believe that utilization of public transport can be an effective measure to preserve the depleting non-renewable resources. However, 69% of the them avoid public transport due to its poor standard while 31% do so due to improper connectivity within the city.

Time and again, various organizations have carried out awareness activities to discourage reckless use of plastic bags and 97% of the youth believe that plastic bags should be completely banned. However, 52% of them accepted feeling awkward and 41% never thought of carrying their own bags while going to the market.

The survey also illustrated a 100% denial in using solar power as an alternative source of energy due to its high cost and unavailability in the market even as Rajasthan boasts of one of the best solar radiation utilization programme, both in the country and the world. This is a warning for the government to intensify its efforts to generate more viable and cost- effective alternative sources of energy.

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