Rajasthan City Mayors Learning Platform (RCMLP)

Project Overview

Since August 2012, Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS), International in partnership with The Asia Foundation (TAF) is implementing an urban governance intervention named ‘MyCity’ in Jaipur city. Its specific objective was to improve the quality of services delivery by Urban Local Government through enhanced civic engagement using social accountability approaches. Project remained quite successful in reaching its outcomes as it was visible in its recognition among various stakeholders including citizens, officials and public representatives of the targeted wards of the City. Citizens were benefited by the platform provided to them to resolve ward level issues through elected representatives and concerned officials. Local problems were resolved at the local level. Our effort is aimed to make Jaipur city more convenient and livable for its citizen through their active engagement.

There are several other larger issues, which need to address at higher level of decision makers. One major finding of the intervention was the lack of resources available with Urban Local Government and delegation of powers from state to Urban Local Government. Coupled with this there are policy related issues which need to be taken forward through a collaborative effort of all the stakeholders including Heads of Urban Local Governments i.e. Mayors. In this sequence it has been realized that there is no formal platform where Mayors from Rajasthan can discuss the Urban Governance related issues and come out with a strategy.

In this context, CUTS initiated and created a platform for the Mayors of Rajasthan State. Specific objective of this platform is to improve the urban governance in Rajasthan through enhanced sharing of experiences and learning from each other. Mayors’ Conferences are being organised under this platform where Mayors and Deputy Mayors of different Municipal Corporations are taking part. This platform is being used to discuss the larger issues of urban local governance and share the best and innovative practices by city governments.