Promoting State Accountability and Citizen’s Empowerment through Budget Analysis in Rajasthan, India (SAP)

Core Project Team

The core project team currently comprises of Ms. Archana Saxena, who holds a Masters degree in Extension and Communication, Ms. Mamta Tehilramani, Masters in Human Development, Mr. Deepak Saxena, a Lawyer by training and Mr. Dharmendra Chaturvedi who holds a Masters Degree in Business Management. Mr. Srinivas Krishnaswamy, Assistant Director would be overall in charge of the project. This team would operate from Jaipur.

Mr. Madan Giri Goswami, Programme Officer, CUTS Centre for Human Development, Chittorgarh would be overseeing the project from our office at Chittorgarh. He is assisted by various volunteers and field officers.

Responsibilities of Core Project Team

The core team is entrusted with the responsibility Liaisoning and strengthening of a network with District administration officials, assemble project inputs, analyse data and information collected from all sources and writing up of newsletters & fact sheets on a periodic basis.

They would also be responsible for organising seminars, workshops and meetings, lobbying with government and writing up of regular reports, inclusive of the final report.

Field Team

The field team comprises of 70 networkers/partners of CUTS who operate out of various districts and blocks. They are entrusted with the responsibility of collecting information and data from the district and blocks, identify beneficiaries and interview some of them, in order to get a clearer picture of how the benefits of various schemes are being passed on to the common man.

The field team would also bring to the notice of the project team, any burning issues which needs to be tackled or studied, relating to various issues such as education system socio-economic conditions, level of penetration of famine relief works, existence of corrupt practices and other such issues prevalent in various villages and blocks.