Promoting State Accountability and Citizen’s Empowerment through Budget Analysis in Rajasthan, India (SAP)

About SAP

The project titled `Promoting State Accountability and Citizens Empowerment Through Budget Analysis being supported by the Ford Foundation, India. The project is being implemented by CUTS, Jaipur. The purpose of the project is to inform and educate the target audience comprising of Women, Land Less Labourers and Marginal Farmers about the manner in which funds allocated for their benefit is utilised at various levels of the government hierarchy. The project is being implemented in the state of Rajasthan.


  • To bring into focus the shortcomings in the government mechanism, i.e. variations between the Union and State government budgets
  • To move away from the conventional analysis of the budget by:
    • Considering the qualitative dimension while ensuring transparency and propriety of disbursements/revenue mobilisation;
    • Providing easily palatable information about the budget at the state and district level
  • To create greater awareness amongst the neglected target groups, namely, women, landless labourers and marginal farmers, about their right to know the budget allocations directed towards their welfare; and
  • To empower the concerned constituencies to become a questioning society

  • Establishment of a self sustained socio-economic society with equality of gender and classes
  • The methodology of approach has been decided as follows:
    • Selection of nodal districts and blocks
    • Appointment of coordinators for Districts and Blocks
    • Identification of various departments and collection of data from various levels of hierarchy
    • Analysis of data/information
    • Analysis of CAG reports
    • Final report

The following is a report on the progress of the project activities during the period May 2000 to April 2001