Organic Food and Farming for All as Safer, more Sustainable Food for All

Green Action Week, which is an annual civil society campaign being organised in 29 countries with involvement of 53 civil society organisations. The Green Action Week Campaign 2017– Safer, more Sustainable Food for All aimed to facilitate awareness generation among consumers of Jaipur city of Rajasthan about organic food, specifically vegetables and fruits that would encourage consumers to shift towards sustainable pattern of consumption. The campaign was targeted at women and youth amongst the consumers.

With the rationale of influencing consumer behaviour in favour of organic food, various activities in the form of Kitchen Gardening, Cottage Meetings, Street Plays, Signature Campaign and Stakeholder Consultation took place in various parts of Jaipur. CUTS collaborated with several civil society organisations, consumer groups, producer groups, policymakers and media to lead towards enhanced availability, affordability and consumption of organic food products.


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