Motivations and Impact of Grassroots Philanthropy in Rajasthan, India


Grassroots philanthropy stands as a source of hope amidst the challenges faced by communities, particularly in areas dealing with economic disparity and social inequalities. In the context of India’s ambitious development initiatives like the Aspirational Districts Programme (ADP) and subsequent Aspirational Blocks Programme (ABP), a crucial question emerges: How can grassroots philanthropy align with and amplify the goals of these governmental initiatives?

As roles in philanthropy evolve from corporate CSR to individual social investments, community giving emerges as a powerful catalyst for change. Despite its often-overlooked nature, its impact on grassroots development remains pivotal. The pandemic underscored this role, highlighting the imperative to comprehend the motivations and potential of grassroots philanthropy in shaping inclusive development. With India in the process of rebuilding post-pandemic, understanding the role of grassroots philanthropy becomes crucial.

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    In the absence of systematic research and data on grassroots philanthropy in India, particularly in states like Rajasthan, it underscores the urgency of exploring this subject. CUTS International proposes to bridge this gap by conducting landscape analysis in Rajasthan to formulate a methodology for future research. The primary goal of the project is to enhance understanding of grassroots philanthropy in Rajasthan, India, by conducting a comprehensive landscape analysis. This involves elucidating the motivations, mechanisms, and impact of community giving, thereby providing insights into its role in fostering inclusive development and addressing socio-economic disparities.

    The long-term goal of the project is to foster better knowledge about the ecosystem of grassroots philanthropy in Rajasthan, India, with the aim of facilitating future work in India on this issue. By providing comprehensive insights into the motivations, impact, and mechanisms of community giving, the project contributes to a deeper understanding of grassroots philanthropy and its potential to drive inclusive development and social change.

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