Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF)

Project Overview

CUTS CART implemented a project on Investor Education and Protection in ten select district headquarters of Rajasthan with the aim of developing a culture of investment in the capital market in rural areas and also educating the investors particularly the smaller ones on safe side investments and their rights and responsibilities.

The methodology adopted was three pronged with orientation to grassroot nodal partners in the first stage and then workshops and half day open sessions for general investors as the second and the third stage activities respectively.

The project primarily envisaged in building a network of investor protection organisations at the grassroots, by identifying potential organisations working at the grassroots and building their capacities through a series of training programmes, production of reader friendly literature and regular updation of issues through newsletters, handouts and other such materials. In addition to this, the project also envisaged organising a series of workshops which would create a platform for the small investors and investor protection organisations to interact with members of the stock exchange, representatives from the regulatory authority and others in order to understand issues further and also to ensure that their voices are heard at the policy levels.

The project was supported by Ministry of Corporate Affairs under its Investor Education and Protection Fund.