Ensuring Service Delivery Through Measuring Rate Of Absenteeism In 30 Health Centers In Rajasthan

Project Overview

The project is an attempt to build the government or service providers accountable through civic monitoring of the service providing institutions. The project will evolve an innovative community-based model of monitoring service delivery in hospitals in order to enhance accountability of frontline service providers and thus effectiveness of the public spending. The project will spot-check the provider’s absence at their job sites by developing and executing a community based monitoring format. The project will also delve in to the reasons for their absence and try to strengthen the bond between service providers and service recipients for exacting enhanced accountability. The indicators of the project will be the time spent at the job site, number of cases (patients) attended, better service delivery and the level of satisfaction of the service recipients. The final outcome of the project will be a community-based model of monitoring service delivery institutions at grass root and a policy brief for policy makers.