District Level Training Workshop

Lack of consumers’ access to adequate information, improper understanding about the redressal mechanism/procedure as well as other socio-economic vulnerabilities of individuals and households are the reasons that the underprivileged classes are not getting justice. District Level Training Workshop will build strong consumer movement at the grassroots in 12 project districts of the state by ensuring enabling environment for protecting consumer’s interests, which in turn, would contribute towards the national interest by way of equipping the consumer activists with skills and create a network of zealous grassroots activists through intensive training, capacity building and orientation on relevant consumer protection issues.

Thus, District Level Training Workshop will fill the need by furnish proper information, methodology, procedures and approachable redressal mechanism to the people. So that set of activists get acquainted with grievance redressal system for speedy, inexpensive and effective justice in project district, which will further support underprivileged classes in their respective blocks.

The dates for conducting the District Level Training Workshop are as under:



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District Level Training Workshop-Schedule 2012
July- August 2012

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