CUTS International nominated for the Traffic Management Committee under Chief Secretary, Government of Rajasthan

Jaipur, March 22, 2022

In Rajasthan traffic management is becoming complex and difficult since the traffic volume is increasing and space on roads for traffic and vulnerable road users is shrinking year by year. As a result, in the year 2020, total 9667 people had died and 16798 people were injured in 19550 road accidents as per NCRB report.

To address the menace of traffic mismanagement and to ensure road safety, Government of Rajasthan is taking appropriate measures on time to time. Recently the name of Transport Department is being changed as Transport and Road Safety Department and in the state budget 2022-23,a public transport authority has been announced and hopefully this authority would also prove to be good for road safety and effective traffic management.

Rajasthan is on the top, in terms of formation of various road safety and traffic management committees at various levels including the Traffic Management Committee which is formed under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Govt. of Rajasthan. The mandate of this committee is to monitor the effective traffic management and ensuring road safety in the state.

George Cheriyan, Director, CUTS, who will be representing CUTS in the committee, told that the Government of Rajasthan has nominated Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) as a Civil Society member to this committee for next one year. CUTS has been working in the area of consumer safety and road safety for last three decades at national, states and district level. CUTS has been part of various road safety committees at national, state and district level on various points of time. Currently CUTS is working on various road safety policy issues, research, capacity building of enforcement officials and other multi stakeholders.

He further added that CUTS will definitely provide all the required support and feedback of the common road uses of Rajasthan to the committee for effective traffic


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Madhu Sudan Sharma, Senior Program Officer, CUTS International. ; 90575