CUTS-FES Project

Indicators of Achievement

  • Greater involvement of people
  • People’s attitude towards utility providers change towards positive
  • People’s representative on advisory committee of utility providers, regulators etc
  • People’s representatives taking active role in the decision making – with the regulators– on issues related to licensing, tariffs, supply conditions, rural electrification etc, and with utility providers on issues related to quality of supply, T&D losses, installation of transformers, setting up of power plants, setting up of generating stations etc.
  • People agreeing to time of the day tariffs etc
  • Greater use of non-conventional energy appliances.
  • Competition created in the manufacture of non-conventional energy appliances leading to manufacture of high quality appliances at lesser costs.
  • Drastic reduction in T& D losses
  • Improvement in overall power situation in the state
  • Rural electrification accelerated
  • Politicians being less vocal against the reform process – lesser rallies, demonstration, but in turn greater cooperation with the utility providers leading to improvement in services.