Crafting the market for SAc approaches & tools in the supply side constituencies through strategic communication and dissemination

Project Overview

CUTS has been working in the area of enhancing transparency and accountability at all levels of governance through increased people’s participation using various methods, tools and techniques such as Budget Analyses, Participatory Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS), Community Report Card (CRC), Community Score Card (CSC), Right to Information (RTI), campaigns, surveys, advocacy and so on over the past one decade.

The main objective of the workshop is to strengthen the urge in the supply side constituencies to buy the mechanism and concept of social accountability and adopt them in various schemes and programmes for more civic engagement. This will further propel the environment building process, make it more alive and keep the interests of decision makers sustainable about various social accountability (SAc) approaches and tools, its potential in improving the efficiency in service delivery and bringing in transparency and accountability in the processes, and in turn enhancing the public expenditure outcomes.